About Us

VIA BALTIKUM, these are Jolanta and Dirk Bohlmann with team

We will enable you to experience our culture and history,  we walk along with you through the dense forests, the villages and towns, walk to the numerous lakes of our countries  and walk with you over the unique Curonian Spit, the National parks

You, our guests, will meet the open minded and friendly inhabitants of our countries and probably make friends with them.

Our special guide

Dirk Bohlmann, born in Germany, living since 22 years in Klaipeda.

His original profession brought him to all three Baltic countries. Profound  historical knowledge, years of cooperating with local touristic organizations and 18 years of professional guiding qualifies him for an outstanding guide. His languages are German, English and Dutch.


We are very happy with our new website. It is easy to use and has a beautiful design. Our customers tell us, they love it.