Guided Tours

Our  main focus are guided tour of groups, this not only through Lithuania but through all three Baltic States.  You will get professional view  which enables you not only to view the the historical  Lithuanian point of view but as well as the historical background  with the strong and visible German influence within this country.

Groups, this can be 2 persons as well as 30 interested persons.

We offer:

  • Hiking tours through the Memel- area
  • Bicycletours to Northwestlithuania and the area of the Couronian Spit
  • Tours to the capitals of the Baltic States
  • 7 days “Memelarea”
  • A special tour “Swiss influence in Lithuania”
  • Special tours  for fotoclubs or journalists
  • Daytours, starting from Klaipeda, for example:
    • “The soul of Lithuania”
    • The Couronian Spit in 8 hours
    • Klaipeda, the old German City of Memel
    • The jewish pas of Nortwest Lithuania
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